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History Works

Fourth graders from area schools attend “History Works” at the Harlin Museum.  The students represent the following schools; Fairview, Glenwood, Howell Valley, Junction Hill, Richards, South Fork, and West Plains Elementary.  Previous to attending the half day events, students view information about Lennis Broadfoot and his sketches of work life in the Ozarks in the late 1930’s at www.watersheds.org.  Each student attends four sessions while at the museum.  During the tools session, Jim Decker shows students many of the tools used during this time period including a draw knife, cross cut saw, a hand corn sheller, a corn planter, and a rabbit trap.  Students enjoy getting to touch the tools and feel how it really felt to use them.  Students are introduced to three of Broadfoot characters, who tell them about what life was like in the early 1900’s.  Lennis Broadfoot, portrayed by Jem Duffin, Aunt Nancy Rasor, portrayed by Marideth Sisco, and Jess Thompson, portrayed by Al Vance, bring the Broadfoot drawings to life with their accounts of everyday life in the Ozarks.  Rick Scarlet brings his “three legged mule,” a tool for holding wood while a craftsman shapes it with a draw knife or spoke shaver. Each fourth grader experiences using a spoke shaver under the watchful eye of Scarlet, who also demonstrates how a shingle was made.  For most students, drawing with charcoal just like Lennis Broadfoot, is a first time experience.  After a lesson on how to use charcoal, presented by local artist Pat Hight, students try to capture Broadfoot’s style by sketching an animal or person.  Artist Will Roach helps the young artists complete a finished charcoal drawing.  
Students explore the Broadfoot drawings as both art and historical documentation of the working life of the Ozarks. The Harlin's collection of tools, along with live demonstrations of their use, bring the Broadfoot portraits and stories to life. Costumed actors play three of the Broadfoot characters and Broadfoot himself:
Henry Boxx, Board Maker, played by Colin Collins.
John Wilkins, Bee Hunter, Dealer in Dogs and Guns, played by Al Rose.
Miss Nancy Ann Rasor, played by Marideth Sisco.
Lennis L. Broadfoot, played by Jem Duffin.

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History Works,

   Thanks to each and everyone who made our experience a success! The students thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and have each been able to recall many bits of information. The day was very memorable. I look forward to future participation in the program.

Mrs. Smith's class at Richards R-5

Grade Level Expectations for this project

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