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Communities Dora


The Dora community has changed drastically from its earlier years. The local store supplies only the most basic needs. Travel to the nearby towns for shopping is a daily occurrence for many people. The last surviving business is Roy's Store and Canoe Rental. Instead of being solely a farming economy, Dora now has tourism as an important partner.


Many tourists are here from May through September to camp, float the rivers, and fish. Dora School is an integral part of the community with academic and sports programs that involve students and parents. The school has doubled in size and enrollment.

Dora School District includes parts of the following watersheds:
Bryant Creek
North Fork

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History: Early Dora

Dora School History

Dora students wrote poems about their experiences during the Stream Days field trip.

Jeff Viets, Dora student, wrote the content for the Habitats page when he was in fifth grade.

  Written by Martha Uhlman. Reprinted from A History of Ozark County 1841-1991. Used with permission of the Ozark County Genealogical and Historical Society