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location map Spring Creek  

Click for big mapSpring Creek is the largest tributary of Bryant Creek. 

Spring Creek Spring Creek drains a large area midway between Ava and Gainesville. Rainwater drains east of Highway 5. (Wasola is about the midpoint of the Highway 5 boundary.) Rain flows south from Highway N, which follows Hilo Ridge; and drains north of a county road near Almartha and the Caney Mountain high country. 

Brixey is near the southeast corner of the Spring Creek watershed, on Highway N. The historic community of Rockbridge sits along Spring Creek about 3 miles from its confluence with the Bryant, along N Highway 2 miles north of 95. Almartha is on Highway 95 near the Highway 5 junction; Wasola is on Highway 5. Souder is located in the creek valley about 3 miles west of Rockbridge. Rockbridge Trout Ranch fishing resort and old Rockbridge Mill is on Spring Creek. 

Highway 95 travels east - west across the middle of the Spring Creek watershed, traveling several miles in the creek valley near Almartha. County roads run along the creek for much of its length, including from Souder to Rockbridge. 

Watershed Size: About 57 square miles. 

Click for topo mapTopography
Elevation varies from 1,350 feet in the northwest corner near Hilo Ridge to 700 feet at the confluence with the Bryant. Maximum relief is 650 feet. 

Stream Flow
Spring Creek is a perennial stream from Rockbridge to the Bryant, about 3-1/2 miles of its total length of 16 miles. Brixey Creek, a tributary, drains the southeast one fifth of the Spring Creek watershed. Brixey Creek is perennial for about 1-1/2 miles of its 7 miles. Nance Creek is a small tributary to Spring Creek in its upper reach.

Landscape & Special Features: Much of the watershed is composed of moderately steep to steep slopes with broad ridges, while the creek bottom is fairly wide for much of its length. It narrows and the slopes become steepest near Bryant Creek. There are large cleared areas along the broad upper valley and upland slopes and ridges. Much of the Brixey Creek watershed is pasture land. The densest forest is south of Hilo Ridge and on both sides of the creek downstream from Rockbridge.

Topographic Maps
Gainesville NW, Rockbridge, Wasola, Gentryville. 

School Districts
Gainesville and Ava.