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Watersheds Bryant Creek Tributaries Bollinger Branch

Bollinger Branch

Click for big mapLocation
Bollinger Branch drains a small area west of Dora. It drains south from the Highway CC ridge; west off Highway 181; and north from a county ridge road. 

Dora is on 181 at the head of the Branch. Bird Springs is on county gravel near the spring called Bird Spring. 

A county road crosses the Branch near its mouth. This road connects Highways 181 and CC. There are several gravel roads in its upper watershed. 

Watershed Size: About 10 square miles. 

Click for topo mapTopography
Elevation varies from 1,060 feet above sea level north of Crossroads to 640 feet at its mouth. This is a change of 420 feet. 

Stream Flow
Birdtown Hollow is a tributary of Bollinger Branch. Bollinger Branch is perennial for a mile up to Birdtown Hollow. Birdtown Hollow is perennial for a mile and a half up to Bird Springs. 

Landscape & Special Features
Most of the Bollinger Branch watershed is pasture land, especially the gentle upper slopes and broad ridges. The densest forest is in the steep lower valley.

Topographic Maps: Sycamore, Dora, Curreall NW, and Gentryville.

School District: Dora.