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Common Local Trees & Their Leaves

Learn to identify trees by looking at their leaves. 
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There are 5 categories of leaves:  4 for decidous trees, 1 for evergreens. Click the photos.
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Name That Leaf
 Simple smooth-edged leaves


A single leaf attaches to a twig or branch. No saw teeth around the edge. 

Example: Dogwood 

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 Simple toothed leaves


Single leaf with saw teeth around the edge. 

Example: Mulberry 


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 Lobed simple leaves


Single leaves with lobes.
Lobes look somewhat like a hand with fingers. 

Example: Sassafras 


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 Compound Leaves


Compound leaves have more than one leaflet.
Leaflets are attached to the same leaf stalk. 

Example: Black Walnut 

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Black Walnut


Evergreens have leaves that stay on the tree through the winter. 

Example: Shortleaf Pine

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Shortleaf Pine

Photographs and text by Peter Callaway. Sources: National Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees, Eastern Region,by Elbert L. Little, 2000, Alfred A. Knopf, New York. Flora of Missouri,by Julian A.Steyermark, Iowa State University Press, Ames, Iowa, 1981.

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