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Does anyone in your family tell stories of times long ago?
Do you suspect they may have made some of it up?

Farrell BerryTall Tales

Gigging for Fish and Frogs
"Is that the truth, or are you just storyin?"

"We always lie to strangers."

Old Time Music

What is a folk song?
"You never heard a horse sing, did you?"

More Folkways
Pie Suppers
Nature: Poke Salat
History: Sheep: Spinning, Weaving, & Natural Dyes

Folk Healers

Bob Liebert, Herbalist
"People in town joked that I was a witch doctor."

Lori Eslinger
"That skunk fat salve was a killer. It really worked."

Grannywomen: "Go get the Granny Woman!"

Does anyone in your family grow white corn streaked with red, and grind it for cornbread?
Does anyone in your family expect to see brown beans served as a vegetable at least once a week at the dinner table?

Do you hear talk, when a wedding is planned, of another plan for a mysterious ceremony called a "shivaree?" Have you ever been to one? Do you know the correct spelling? (It's charivari, a hold-over from long ago visits by French fur traders). 

If any of these customs seem familiar to you, then you have probably encountered some aspect of Ozarks folklore and folkways. If you know of more customs and ways that say Ozarks culture and folklore to you, write and share them with us, and we'll post them here.