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Farm & Forest Conservation Programs 

Federal programs of interest to watershed residents: 

Conservation Buffers: USDA National Conservation Buffer Initiative
Agricultural producers and other landowners can improve soil, air, and water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, restore biodiversity, and create scenic landscapes.

Conservation buffers pay. Filter strips, riparian buffers, grassed waterways, and field windbreaks earn a 20 percent incentive; designated wellhead protection areas earn a 10 percent incentive. Up to 50 percent cost sharing is allowed for the establishment of conservation buffer practices under the continuous Conservation Reserve Program sign-up:   

Other programs offering farmers and ranchers economically attractive incentives to install and maintain conservation buffers:

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

The NCRS National Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP): The Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program provides financial incentives to develop habitats for fish and wildlife on private lands.

Stewardship Incentives Program (SIP)

Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) is a federal program assisting regional not-for-profit rural development organizations to implement projects of local concern. The RC&D for this area is headquartered in Houston. It is called the Top of the Ozarks RC&D, located at 6726-D South Highway 63m Houston, MO 65483, phone 417 967-2028.