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Willow Springs: Headwaters of the Eleven Point River


The Eleven Point River originates as a number of drainages flowing through the town of Willow Springs, in northeastern Howell County.

Willow Springs is named for a large spring surrounded by willow trees, about eight miles east of the present city, where the original town was located. The town moved to its current location when the railroad was built in the area.

1957 Willow Springs Depot

Historic photo of the 1957 Willow Springs railroad depot

Photo thanks to Jack Forbes and MissouriDepots.com

Willow Springs Outing Club Lake

This small lake is where the Eleven Point River begins. The lake was originally created to provide water for steam locomotives. It's hemmed in between highways #60 and #63, and the railroad runs alongside its northeast shore separated by a screen of trees. You can see the Feed Mill elevators on the other side.

Neighborhoods in the southern part of town are in the flood plain of the still very tiny Eleven Point, so drainage ditches are essential. Here this conduit carries runoff.
At Old Hwy. 63 at Railroad St the Eleven Point finally becomes, officially, a river. The new four lane Hwy. 63 cuts across, seen through the trees at rear.
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