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Earth Geology


Geology of the Bryant Creek Watershed

A journey through time, as recorded in the rocky channels that guide the waters of Bryant Creek. 
Bluffs along creek
Bluffs in the valley along Hunter Creek.

The geology of the Bryant watershed is the result of the interaction between running water and the various rocks of the Ozark Plateau. The physical composition and structure of the rocks largely determine the course of the waterways and the shape of their channels and canyons. 

Other variables that are important include the climate and the organisms that live in and on the rocks and soil of the watershed. 

One of the least understood components in the development of a watershed is the vast amount of time that has been available for the natural work of sculpture to evolve. 

In This Section

Rock Types

Rock Layers

Rock Structures


Geologic History

Geologic Time Scale

  The Geology section was written for the Atlas by Verl Smith, Ava High School geology teacher.