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The ArtStream program offers local schools the opportunity to work with an artist on a cross-disciplinary project that culminates in the publication of a new online learning tool.

Please note: As of July 1, 2009, the Bryant Watershed Education Project has entered a dormant period in terms of operating student programs in the south central Ozarks. The website will be maintained. Questions and requests may be directed to email To contact resident artists: Pat Hight and Michael McClure

muralpainting2009 Artstream Project-"Lessons Learned" Mural in Ava, MO

2010 Artstream Project-"Ava Watershed-Hunter Creek"

                      2007 ArtStream Projects
2007 ArtStream Programs supported by the Coover Regional Grantmaking Program

West Plains Elem Spring 07

West Plains Elementary: Students are researching Missouri critters, including information on the place of the animal in a food chain and its habitat… more

Learning Tool

SlideshowNature Poetry Process  Slideshow

West Plains Elementary Fall 07

"Prairies, Plants and Prints"working on prints 4th graders explored Tingler Prairie and made block prints to record their findings


Mountain Grove 5th Grade

printing the block preparing for their printmaking session, Mountain Grove fifth graders explored the Bryant Creek at Rippee Conservation Area near Ava, Mo. 

2006 ArtStream Projects

West Plains Elementary

armadillo turtleCritterology! Students learned about animals and created murals illustrating the aquatic food web… more

Willow Springs Summer School

willow springs summer schoolWhere does the water go? Students explored the tributaries in their town, and put on a play… more

Ava Summer School

5th and 6th graders explored a local creek and a pond and made block prints… more


Willow Springs 8th grade

Students learned about water quality and karst topography and created karst sculptures… more


2004-05 ArtStream

2003 pilot ArtStream

 West Plains Elementary

125 4th graders learned nature journaling and illustrated nature poems on stream animals and water pollution.

Includes the Nature Poetry Process Slideshow

 Glenwood School

Students from grades 2-8 mapped their school grounds and created a clay relief schoolyard map.

 West Plains Middle School

Students created sculptures of stream animals and worked on a Flash movie with a local artist.

The development of content for ArtStream is funded through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region VII, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

This is the Web site of the Bryant Watershed Education Project, based in West Plains, Missouri. Our site is a toolkit for exploring the Bryant Creek, North Fork, Eleven Point and Upper Spring watersheds in the southern Missouri Ozarks.
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